President - Jose Marshall

Our President - Jose AKA: ?
Hometown: Stroud, Gloucestershire
Degree: Civil Engineering
Hockey Ability: Likes balls
Drinking Ability: Likes milk
Most likely to say: Anything followed by said the cow
Random Fact: Can say the alphabet backwards

Treasurer - David Whitcombe

Treasurer - David AKA: Daisy
Hometown: Uxbridge, West London
Degree: MORSE
Hockey Ability: Better at floorball
Drinking Ability: ?
Most likely to say: "honkkkkk"
Random Fact: Had his boxers stolen by penguins

Social Sec - Harry Canagasabey

Social Sec - Harry AKA: Mr Chair, Magikarp
Hometown: Lewisham, London
Degree: Engineering
Hockey Ability: Questionable
Drinking Ability: Boat race team, susceptible to sudden chunder
Most likely to say: "General hoverummmm"
Random Fact: Often wakes up on bathroom floors after drunken nights (having taken a duvet along and deciding there is nowhere more comfy)

Social Sec - Ally Clayson

Social Sec - Ally AKA: Madame Chair
Hometown: Canterbury, Kent
Degree: Chemistry
Hockey Ability: ?
Drinking Ability: Sipper
Most likely to say: "Renember"
Random Fact: Can fit in a rucksack

Tour Sec - Cami Murray

Tour Sec - Cami AKA: ?
Hometown: Chelmsford, EsSEX
Degree: Chemistry
Hockey Ability: ?
Drinking Ability: "This drop can stay on my chin"
Most likely to say: "F*ck you mannn" or "This one time in Budapest..."
Random Fact: ?

Training and Fixtures Sec - Matthew Bates

Training and fixtures - Bates AKA: Master Bates
Hometown: Croxley Green, Hertfordshire
Degree: Physics PhD
Hockey Ability: Deteriorating with age
Drinking Ability: Can't handle his alcohol
Most likely to say: "BE THE WALL"
Random Fact: Is a citizen of New Zealand

Tournamental Sec - George Tunstall

Tournamental - George AKA: Superkeen
Hometown: Wokingham, Berkshire
Degree: Mathematics
Hockey Ability: Fast and likes the floor
Drinking Ability: It would make Reece really happy if you drank this...
Most likely to say: "Well, at men's hockey..."
Random Fact: Started hockey in first year

Publicity & Communications/Funnel Sec - Joey Parkins

Pub/Fun Sec - Joey AKA: Jowhinee
Hometown: Kenley, Surrey
Degree: Engineering
Hockey Ability: Slots them in on the post
Drinking Ability: Wine makes gravity stronger
Most likely to say: ?
Random Fact: ?

Charity/Community Sec - Will Jones

Charity/Community Sec - Will AKA: No. 1 Chick
Hometown: Basingstoke, Hampshire
Degree: Philosophy
Hockey Ability: Thinks jeans are apporpriate hockey attire
Drinking Ability: Feeds the wall
Most likely to say: "Let's get shots!"
Random Fact: Likes to claim he's Welsh

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