President - Matthew Bates

El Pres - Bates AKA: Master Bates
Hometown: Croxley Green, Hertfordshire
Degree: Physics PhD.
Hockey Ability: Deteriorating with age
Drinking Ability: Can't handle his alcohol
Most likely to say: Most likely to sing!
Random Fact: Is a citizen of New Zealand

Treasurer - Chris Williams

Treasurer - Cambridge AKA: Cambridge 3
Hometown: Thame, Oxfordshire
Degree: Maths PhD
Hockey Ability: Better at cricket
Drinking Ability: Bettwe at hockey
Most likely to say: Suavé! Suavé! Suavé!
Random Fact: Had an unhealthy obsession with windmills as a four year old

Social Sec - David Perry

Social Sec - Pez AKA: Mr Chair, Pez
Hometown: Sutton Coldfield
Degree: PhD. in all of the science
Hockey Ability: Can throw an aerial and score the odd goal
Drinking Ability: Retired Boat Race Captain, now deals in Road Beer
Most likely to say: "That's a Pint, 2 Fingers Toby"
Random Fact: Is best friends with Samuel Buca

Social Sec - Sam Brandom

Social Sec - Sam AKA: Madame Chair, Raging Bumbandit
Hometown: Exeter, Devon
Degree: PPE
Hockey Ability: Good when the first letter of the day is a Q
Drinking Ability: Shots A'Hoy!
Most likely to say: "I want a furious bumming"
Random Fact: Has seen every episode of Friends

Tour Sec - Cat Anderson

Tour Sec - Cat AKA: ?
Hometown: ??
Degree: Bio-something-or-other
Hockey Ability: ???
Drinking Ability: Boat race expert
Most likely to say: ????
Random Fact: ?????

Training and Fixtures Sec - George Tunstall

Training and fixtures - 'Keen AKA: Superkeen
Hometown: Wokingham, Berkshire
Degree: Mathematics
Hockey Ability: Fast and likes the floor
Drinking Ability: Slowest pint in the club
Most likely to say: "No offence, but you're doing it wrong"
Random Fact: Played chess for England

Tournamental Sec - Matthew Hiller

Tournamental - Hilly AKA: Hilly
Hometown: Sevenoaks, Kent
Degree: Maths and Physics
Hockey Ability: Non-existent
Drinking Ability: Who knows?
Most likely to say: "Ha, ha, ha"
Random Fact: Has more chest hair than an albino superbear

Publicity & Communications/Funnel Sec - Matthew Peckham

Pub/Fun Sec - Peckham AKA: Peckham
Hometown: Romford, Essex
Degree: Economics
Hockey Ability: Can score in training without a keeper
Drinking Ability: Probably below average, but wine fan
Most likely to say: Playing hockey is making me gush sweat
Random Fact: Achieves 'poophoria' at least three times a day

Charity/Community Sec - Vikki Houlden

Charity/Community Sec - Vikki AKA: Crazy Cat Lady
Hometown: Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Degree: Civil Engineering
Hockey Ability: Can take a ball to the shin
Drinking Ability: Can down a variety of condiments
Most likely to say: "Kitty?"
Random Fact: ?

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